Angelina Ling


Tell us a little about yourself?

I started my career as a Recruiter with ASPL Recruitment and Consulting and I’ve been here for almost two years. I’m passionate about recruitment, which is why I decided to pursue a Master’s of Human Resource Management to upscale my knowledge in the HR field.

Who are the women who have inspired you the most in your life?

Michelle Phan, who is a well-known American makeup artist and entrepreneur who started her career as a beauty YouTube personality through her passion by posting creative makeup tutorials.

Any other female leaders you look up to?

Maki Akaida, who is currently in charge of Uniqlo’s Japan operations. She is a powerful business woman and is even tipped to be the next CEO of Uniqlo.

Why do you think it’s important to increase the number of women in business, particularly in leadership roles?

It’s important to increase the number of women in business to promote gender equality in the workplace and encourage other females to pursue business careers..

What do you think contributes to the lack of females taking the plunge in entrepreneurship?

I think females are judged more harshly when they take on entrepreneurship, which holds back many women. Often females in leadership positions are criticised as being pushy or bossy. Women need to be vocal in showing each other support and hopefully this will inspire more of us to pursue entrepreneurship.

What more can be done to support women in male-dominated industries?

An organisational culture that promotes gender equality and diversity is a must for supporting women in male-dominated industries. Without support or encouragement, individuals may never be aware of the existence of the glass ceiling at work.