Mining Services

The Challenge

As a company, how do you show if you are able to service your customers successfully with your current capabilities, services and support?

The Answer

You have to follow what your customers go through and learn from the challenges that they face. You then relate that back to your own company capabilities, service and support, making changes to improve the experience.

The Method

ASPL looked at driving down costs and eliminating waste and inefficiencies at various control points across our entire Production lifecycle. The ASPL Approach and Methods were fantastic, they worked effectively and efficiently with my internal Teams and presented in a compelling and clear manner to our Board.

This case study provides an example of a customer journey scenario that allows the company to look at its own capabilities in a visual way and map the customer experience against its own capabilities. These capabilities would have been identified and agreed during a previous piece of work to create a Current State Model (CSM) (see Current State Model ASPLCSM-240416).

This CSM exercise draws out all of the capabilities of the company and creates a heat map showing the readiness state of each capability.

In the below sample customer journey case study we follow a large Telco customer as he negotiates the maze of interactions required to simply buy a new mobile phone. We follow him from storefront to web site and from phone calls to sales visits at his premises. We chart the journey as he is confronted with sales techniques that lead to him buying a solution that he did not want and ultimately did not require.

During this journey we map the customer’s feelings and try to show his frustrations at what has happened.

We also map the Telco’s perspective, and show the capabilities and systems of the Telco that are touched during the journey. We attempt to show where the capabilities have failed or perhaps been a part of the customer’s experience that could have been better.

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