Health Services Practice

The Challenge

ASPL has a well-developed Health Services practice operating from all of our major East Coast offices across Australia. Some of our most recent assignments include full end to end Network and Architecture reviews for specific Healthcare facilities, ICT Strategy and Enterprise Roadmaps for Hospital Boards and State / Territory Health Agencies and a range of specialist and clinical advisory services provided to centralized Healthcare funding bodies, private provider networks and a range of specialist Health Service Providers.

In each case our ASPL Consulting teams have worked closely with our value Client to deliver optimal Healthcare outcomes by helping define and focus on key problem areas such as Funding, old/updated technology platforms that require replacement / upgrade or consolidation or the creation of large scale business transformation programs that can help radically re-define the way in which Healthcare and affiliated Health related services are delivered across both Public and Private sector networks around Australia.

Our Approach

ASPL utilizes our proven Enterprise Architecture Framework approach (EAP) to design and deliver world class consulting services to valued clients in the Healthcare domain. In this specific case, ASPL was selected from a competitive tender process to provide independent expert 3rd party Architecture and Design advice on best practice Network, Infrastructure and Integration Architecture design for a brand new category 3 digital Healthcare facility in a metropolitan setting. This 3rd party review involved a detailed series of Deep Dive workshops around the Current State and Target State Detailed Design Documents as well as a detailed Gap Analysis and Gap Fit exercise utilizing our proven end to end Value Chain Assessment methodology to identify key Risks, Issues and Opportunities in any set of Enterprise Systems design.

The Method

ASPL looked at driving down costs and eliminating waste and inefficiencies at various control points across our entire Production lifecycle. The ASPL Approach and Methods were fantastic, they worked effectively and efficiently with my internal Teams and presented in a compelling and clear manner to our Board.

This case study provides an example of a Level 0 Enterprise Integration Architecture design for use in planning the Level 0 Target State Model environment for the proposed new Facility. We utilized various techniques to trace through the full end to end implications / impacts / benefits (downstream and upstream) for any key Risks, Issues and Opportunities identified during the 3rd party independent review process discussed above.

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