General & Administration Where should I send Purchase Orders?

Please send your purchase order to

General & Administration Where is ASPL based?

ASPL Group is a national company operating in Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth. Our Head office is located in Melbourne.

General & Administration How long does the initial Client meeting take?

We generally recommend an initial 1 hour consultation with our CEO or Directors. However, if your ICT lead or decision maker is extremely busy a quick 30 minute meeting to explain our Value Proposition can also be arranged.

General & Administration Are you able to meet in our office?

Yes! ASPL Team members regularly travel to major cities and are happy to come to your office with location and time permitting (CBD locations preferable).

Recruitment & Staff Do I need to have a security clearance to work with ASPL?

No, while it is extremely beneficial to have a Baseline NV1 or NV2 security clearance, not all ASPL jobs require this level of security. Our clients will typically perform a criminal history check and make ASPL aware of any security clearances required or issues if they arise.

Recruitment & Staff Does ASPL work with Working Holiday VISA’s?

No, the majority of ASPL engagements are with the Australian Government and will require a Permanent Visa status or Citizen for applications.

Recruitment & Staff Do I need to submit a timesheet and/or leave form?

ASPL Group requires that ALL staff (regardless of contract or title) submit a weekly timesheet and complete leave forms for time out of the office. It is this format that allows ASPL Group to ensure that projects are delivered on time and staff are able to enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

Recruitment & Staff Do I need to complete an ATR (Authority To Represent)?

Yes, all ASPL contractors are required to complete and supply an Authority to Represent before being put forward for roles.

Consulting Will ASPL be providing guidelines on staff we need?

ASPL will deliver on the consulting assignment that has been agreed to. If staffing and HR have been included in the review ASPL will highlight the talent required to achieve the goals. If this is outside the scope of works, we are happy to provide guidance under a new agreement.

Consulting If there is time, can ASPL help me with X?

ASPL will be able to assist with items agreed upon in the contract. If there is additional time this can be used to review the existing deliverables with new requests written up as a new agreement.

Consulting Can I share ASPL’s findings?

ASPL Consulting contracts are subject to IP and Confidentiality agreements. If you wish to share information outside of the consigned department you will need express permission from the ASPL Consulting Director assigned to your project.