Specialisation and a commitment to several core industries to provide the best service possible is at the heart of ASPLs success. ASPL are proud to work with companies within the Health, Public Sector, Banking & Finance, Telco & Utilities and Mining & Manufacturing sectors.

Dedicated and specialised staff drives successful engagements and share your passion for the industry.

Public Sector

Public sector organisation’s face challenges unique from their private sector counterparts. Those involved in service delivery often have to change their organisation’s strategic priorities to give effect to new policy initiatives determined by government. Often that can involve radical changes to the organisation; and it is change the organisation must deliver while continuing to service the needs of existing customers. That normally means the diversion of existing resources from business-as-usual, and that can come with impacts to service levels. And with annual budgets and three or four year election cycles that can drive policy changes, that often adds up to a whole lot of change!

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ASPL has extensive experiences and strong expertise in digital health, and provides consulting and support services in key digital areas such as:

  • Digital health strategy and architecture design, deployment and evaluation
  • ICT co-design procurement, design and implementation methodology
  • Health information lifecycle management
  • Clinical information model and standardised terminologies
  • Health ICT governance
  • Electronic healthcare record systems
  • Digital health facilitated team based care
  • Telehealth technologies and information management
  • Health data analytics and business intelligence
  • Facilitate digital consumer/patient engagement
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Mining and Manufacturing

ASPL Consulting has a proven and successful long term track record in the delivery of consulting services to the Mining and Manufacturing sector both in Australia and overseas. Our Consulting teams have a range of expertise in complex systems design, automation, MES and industrial process re-engineering, end to end supply chain diagnosis and reviews and detailed industry analysis linked to new Product and Services offerings including re-branding, M&A activities, internal cost consolidation and systems integration as well as new Product and Service launches linked to Cost Model and Product / Services Catalogues.

Work Examples include:

  • End to end supply chain review of Global Iron Ore provider – Australia, Singapore and London
  • Process automation and systems Consolidation & Automation – Global Coal Producer and Distributor – Australia, SE Asia and Latin America
  • Enterprise Inventory Management, Asset Management and Distributor Analysis & Review – Global Freight Management and Logistics Firm – Australia and North America
  • Process Automation and Command Control Reporting Framework – Global Shipping Firm – Denmark and Norway
  • 5 year Business Strategy and Technology Roadmap Global Mineral Sands and Mining Company – Australia
  • Global ICT Infrastructure and Network Support / Capacity Plan – 10 Year Plan – International Utilities Provider – across 16 Countries – Australia, North America and SE Asia
  • Integrated Supply Chain View and Enterprise Systems Consolidation Program of Work – Regional Shipping Firm and Logistics / Freight Company – London and Europe
  • 5 year Asset and Inventory Management Plan (including Business Case and Expansion Plan linked to Strategic Vision Statement) National Utilities Provider – Australia
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Banking and Finance

ASPL has a successful proven track record in the delivery of consulting services to Banking, Financial Services and Insurance / Superannuation Providers both on a national and global basis. These consulting services have been delivered as high value Strategic assignments and work programmes or as embedded Consulting teams working closely with our value Clients and internal staff to ensure comprehensive proven long run programs of change have been designed, implemented and tracked over time.

Some specific examples of successful ASPL Consulting assignments in the Financial Services sector are outlined below:

  • Global Data Warehouse and Data Acquisition / Data Quality Framework – global Financial Services Provider – Hong Kong
  • Core Banking Platform – National Financial Services Provider – Australia
  • End to End Business Process Modelling / Transformation Programme – Global Insurer – North America and SE Asia
  • Global Intranet and Secure Customer Self Service Environment – Financial Services Provider
  • Regulatory Reform and Compliance Framework – audit, review and implementation of Enterprise AML and System Monitoring environment – Global Insurer – Australia and SE Asia
  • Business Target State Model and Technology Roadmap – National Bank – Sth. Korea
  • Launch of new Global Brand and National Banking Network – Global Financial Services Provider – Latin and Central America
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Telco and Utilities

ASPL has an extensive history of delivering stand-out Consulting and Recruitment services to established Clients in the Telecommunications and Utilities sector both in Australia and overseas. Some of our recent successful client engagements in these sectors including:

Global marketing strategy and business transformation roadmap for Global Telecommunications provider;
Design and implementation of the Emergency Alert national alerting platform for Emergency Services in Australia operating all major telecommunication networks in all States and Territories;

  • ICT Strategy and Technology Roadmap for a national Telecommunications provider in Singapore
  • Design and Program management /PMO group role for 3g/4g network upgrade for national Telecommunications provider in Thailand and Philippines
  • Strategic and advisory work for several State based Utility providers as part of transition towards national contestability arrangements and de-regulated market conditions in Australia;
  • Listing of public Utility in Hong Kong and market entry of Australian based Utility provider in South East Asian retail energy market
  • Creation of 10 year Asset Management Plan and capacity analysis for national Utility distributor and generator in Australia
  • Design and Implementation of online Retail platform (Sales, Marketing, Product Catalogue, Channel Management) for national Utility retailer in Australia
  • Delivery of Architecture Services and ICT Solution design services as part of a multi-year platform support contract to a large global Telecommunications provider in the North American market with Help Desk and Systems support operating on 24/7/12 model from Australia.
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