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We are a company that offers complete solution from psychology graduates as our recruitment consultants to neuropsychologists as our Leadership Coaches. Our CEO, Kris Grant is also a leadership, recruitment and consulting expert whom is highlighted regularly in the media on some of the current challenges within Industries, markets and Asia Pacific. 

Kris Grant

How to lead newly remote teams during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis

Over the past few weeks several clients are reaching out with challenges around travel restrictions and leading remote employees. For many businesses, this is the first time their entire workforce is working from home and given how quickly these changes have come into place, many managers are finding themselves unprepared to lead a fully remote team. Here are my top tips on managing newly remote teams.

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Kris Grant

Authentic leadership and why it’s crucial for business success

Over the past few years Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has become a hot topic, particularly in the workplace. Hard skills alone aren’t enough to create strong leaders, with research showing that those with a high EQ are more self-aware, motivated and empathetic – crucial traits for successful management.

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