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ASPL Group CEO calls for more support for women in the workplace

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Not enough Australian businesses are providing the right support to allow women to reach their potential in the workplace, says ASPL Group CEO Kris Grant.

Ms Grant says businesses leaders must look at their inclusion and diversity statements and question if they’re making their workplaces more fair and equal, as intended.

“All too often I see HR strategies and policies about what businesses will do to support increased inclusion and diversity in their workplaces, which is really promising,” Ms Grant says.

“Unfortunately, when asked what is actually physically being done, these ideas often fail to move from the paper or website they’re written on.

“Women, especially are facing increased challenges and pressures in the workforce due to COVID-19. The boundaries between work and home life have blurred  – and in some cases – been completely erased.

“Equality policies need to address these issues and ensure they are creating more opportunities for women at work.”

How can businesses improve their support for women?

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