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Why today’s leaders are focussing on Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

“The importance of EQ in management is becoming increasingly recognised as playing a role in the success of an organisation. Leaders with higher EQ are better at engaging staff and stakeholders by creating a positive atmosphere, and improving overall communication,” says Kris Grant, CEO of ASPL – a management consultancy firm.

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Here's what your boss is looking for in 2020

It seems like jobs are harder to get these days. With an increasingly competitive job market, a surplus of university graduates and a rapidly transforming technologically-driven world, it’s important to stay up-to-date with what employers are looking for.

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How can the APS invest back into capability and talent management?

After months of discussion and 755 submissions, the final report of the independent review of the Australian Public Service (APS) was submitted in September. It is the largest major review of its kind in 40 years, and one of the key priorities for change outlined by the panel includes the continued investment into capability and talent management.

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10 questions to ask when you’re in a job interview

It’s a crucial part of any interview and often, candidates are so prepared to nail the rest that they’ve completely forget or ask questions with minimal relevance.

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Segment Interview

Below is a segment interview conducted by Hit Southwest WA with Kris’s input on students graduating and building a secure network for future employment opportunities.