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Birgitta Ravenhill




Birgitta believes in connected leadership, one that is heart centred and value based. Especially in these complex and fast changing times it is more important than ever for leaders not only to lead with courage but also to be compassionate and show up vulnerable, because no one can have all the answers. Having experienced how leading to ‘fit in’ can be depleting and trigger a state of distress that affects overall performance, she realized the importance of leading yourself first. 

Executives and senior managers and emerging leaders engage Birgitta to assist them and their teams with reflecting on, challenging and transforming their leadership practice through tailored individual and team coaching Having worked with C-Suite, leaders, and teams in worldwide enterprises as well as SME’s and start-ups for over 25 years has afforded her an acute understanding of the importance of effective leadership and team cultures within organisations. Having worked in professional services, ICT and Banking since the 1990’s, Birgitta offers a wealth of mature business expertise.

Birgitta’s key areas of expertise and interest:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development (ACE)
  • Emerging Leaders, Talent development Team Coaching
    (systemic approach)
  • Performance, system & process optimisation Women in Leadership
  • Organisational Development & transformation

Birgitta is inquisitive, insightful, and dedicated to creating empowering results for her clients. In her coaching practice she brings together the latest of Psychology, Neuroscience, Physiology and Philosophy and mixing it with her business acumen and background in Social Economic History. Birgitta works on the mind (mindset, mindfulness, neuroplasticity, and behaviour), emotions (Emotional Agility; PQ) and body (health, posture, laughter yoga) aligning head – heart and hand, empowering her clients to be authentic, confident, and effective.

Birgitta has done her Master of Art (Social Economic History) degree and Bachelor of Arts in General History degree from Leiden University, the Netherlands. She is a certified Results Coach (ACSTH) (ICF), GTCI Foundations certified coach (team coaching), EMCC Global TCQA (team coaching). She holds a certificate in Effective Communication, Business School of Amsterdam. Birgitta is dedicated to continuing learning to stay up to date with the latest in her field. She recently graduated as a certified team coach under Prof Peter Hawkins and Prof David Clutterbuck and is part the first worldwide cohort of team coaches dedicated to building highly effective teams that make a difference.

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