Judy Scott

Mediator, Coach and Facilitator

Judy is a qualified mediator, coach and facilitator with 27 years’ experience delivering strategic outcomes in HR, learning and development, coaching, conflict resolution, organisational change and business improvement. Her style is a combination of pragmatism, compassion and practical insights founded on her personal experience in leadership roles as an Air Force officer leading reform projects, a Commonwealth Government executive leading organisational development initiatives and conflict resolution professional in the community sector and not for profits. Judy brings wisdom and insights from her more recent work as a consultant to diverse agencies. She partners with individuals, teams and organisations to enable them to evaluate their existing situation, set goals and achieve outcomes that bring continuous progress and productive relationships at home and in business. She helps executives to navigate politically sensitive situations and provides services to clients of all levels from graduates to Senior executives. Judy holds a degree in Psychology and also a Masters degrees in both Business Administration and Adult Education. She is also a member of the Career Development Association of Australia.

Judy recognises that everything in life is connected and our decisions, behaviours and actions have an impact. She therefore takes her role seriously as a responsible human supporting herself, others and the planet. She is a keen cyclist, regular meditator and contributes to community sector initiatives to nurture and protect the environment and endangered species.

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