Nicki Bourlioufas

PR Consultant

Nicki has worked in public relations and as a reporter and editor for 25 years. She has a deep understanding of what makes the news with broad knowledge of the Australian labour market and recruitment industry. Nicki has worked as a PR consultant in the education, health and financial services sectors and has extensive media contacts, helping her to deliver regular media coverage to clients. She has also been employed s an editor, finance journalist and writer for The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian Financial Review, Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal and The Times Online. She holds an Honours Degree in Law and a Bachelor of Economics. 

In her spare time, Nicki likes to walk her dog, jog short distances, do yoga and swim in the ocean. Nicki is learning to fly a glider plane (an aircraft with no engine) and at this stage, she can safely land one. She publishes her own wine blog and loves to cook and eat plant-based food, though she can’t give up cheese. She likes all things Italian, a language she is aiming to master.  

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