Suitable for Departmental heads, Senior and C-Level Executives.
Executive coaching and mentoring allows team leaders to:

  • Understand their role in leading transformational change
  • Motivate and lead teams with confidence within a challenging environment
  • Manage conflict in complex, changing situations
  • Optimise personal and organisational resources to achieve and prioritise goals
  • Manage delivery of complex programs of work

Building exceptional and engaged Cultures

Interactive modules, individual sessions, leadership development programs, syndicate sessions and peer learning are combined to deliver keen insights and personal development with themes of:

  • Leadership styles
  • Shift behavior to align to your culture
  • Effective Business Communication for peers, colleagues and staff
  • Business Strategy and managing change
  • Strengthen the health of your organisation
  • Group thinking and networking sessions
  • Transformational change
  • Personal empowerment and executive team engagement
  • Employer branding and communication

Steering You In The Right Direction

Experiential learning immerses you in activities that deepen your insights, personal leadership style, group dynamics and challenges of leading at the top. You will be able to test assumptions, gain greater awareness and apply new learnings to ensure lasting behavioural change for yourself and in your workplace.

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”
– Warren Bennis

Reverse Unproductive Cycles

Individual sessions are designed to challenge you to analyse issues below the surface, test and ensuring practical application of new skills, tools and frameworks.

Syndicate sessions provide an opportunity to workshop your real-life issues with a diverse group of peers to discuss problems, unpacking challenges and developing solutions. Feedback increases self-awareness and provides you with techniques to strengthen your capacity as a leader.

Find out more about the ASPL Executive Leadership and Mentoring Program below:

Typically delivered as a 10-week program, the Executive Leadership and mentoring Program addresses the core fundamentals of a successful business by asking their leaders:

  • What does it take to be a Leader?
  • Why would anyone follow you?
  • Growing as a leader – do you have a plan?
  • How do you impact your team and key stakeholders?
  • Aligning your people and your division – what’s working, what’s not?
  • Leadership in times of stress and conflict – how are you managing?
  • Leader versus Manager – are you living the difference?

Stepping deeper into the company processes, the program delves into Business Communication and Human Capital to enable success in:

  • Increasing influence and partnering with your business
  • Human resources: a focus on your people
  • Nurturing human and social capital
  • Strategic human resource management (HRM)
  • Building and retaining talent
  • Evaluating HR initiatives
  • How to have the Hard Conversations
  • The Semantic Gap  – paradigm shift and thinking styles
  • Business versus Technologists

For further training, the 10-week Executive Leadership and Mentoring Program concludes with:

  1. Learning’s from the Group
  2. Operationalisation of strategic plans
  3. Alignment of Business and Technology Plans
  4. A review of Program and Departmental Plans

To ensure success, ASPL provides post program support with continued learning and access to program materials and facilitators.