As part of our national Consulting team, ASPL provides a range of Training and Certification programmes both for our own proprietary EAP Framework and Methodologies as well proven Industry Frameworks and Tool-sets. These training courses can be tailored to reflect the needs of our valued clients and be delivered online, on premise or within our nominated Training venues located across Australia and overseas. This includes:

  • Training and Certification – Industry Frameworks such as TOGAF 9.1, GERAM, Metis and Troux
  • ASPL EAP Framework certified Training and Certification across 12 core Modules and Methods

Structured Mentoring

ASPL also offers comprehensive Mentoring and Facilitator programmes as part of our national Consulting assignments to ensure that internal Management, Business and Technical teams are given the training they require to be able to manage and maintain the high value strategic Assets that have been delivered and transferred across to internal teams to own, manage and maintain. Where an agreed low level of maturity and capability is in place with our valued Client, ASPL will create and deliver a structured mentoring and skill building program as part of our transition and handover period to ensure that an appropriate level of skills and competency is in place within the internal client teams. This ensures that the high value investment in Strategy, Business and Technology Architecture is not eroded over time

Customised Training

Where a strategic decision has been made not to maintain these skills in-house, ASPL Solutions is able to offer a fully outsource Model where our proven Consulting and Support teams are able to host and manage Client Artefacts, Views and Models in our secure online environment. Our online environment is able to offer guaranteed 24/7/12 access to our Clients strategic assets and support a range of Management and Strategic reporting environments including Board reporting, Portfolio, Program and Project Views.

ASPL customised Training and Certification Programmes include:

  • Introduction to EA
  • Enterprise Design
  • Roadmaps
  • Views and Models
  • Advanced Business Design
  • Industry Analysis and Systems Design
  • Customer Journeys and Dashboard Design
  • Portfolio Management
  • ICT Program Management and PMO essentials
“What is difficult in training will become easy in a battle.”
– Suvorov Alexander