We are excited to announce the ASPL #WeLead campaign to amplify women and celebrating their achievements. As an organisation, we are exceptionally passionate about achieving gender equality and inclusion at every level which is deeply embedded into the fabric of ASPL. We encourage this change within client organisations in the private and public sectors as well. The #WeLead campaign highlights and interviews individuals on their journey while asking about women who inspire them each day.


“ASPL’s goal in the #WeLead Campaign is to bring awareness to this challenging issue and our first step is to provide a platform to resonate, connect and relate. By sharing individual’s journeys we hope that this resonates with you to continue talking with your colleagues, families and communities on how collectively this can change.”
– Kris Grant

Add Godfrey

Ann comes from a large North Yorkshire family – only girl with six brothers. She has had a diverse and well-travelled career – spending eight years in the WRAF as a Physical Training Instructor before retraining as a Remedial Gymnast (now physiotherapist), then marrying and spending the next two years in Hong Kong where I started a career in technology.  Coming back to the UK she trained women on new technology at Deptford Skill centre, worked on the (then) new London Underground ticketing system, at British Gas, testing and providing training on a new project management system, and finally worked with Motorola on the Channel Tunnel Project before moving to Brisbane in 1995 as a single mum of a four-year-old.  Here she have worked predominantly as a Test Manager across many industries – most noteworthy probably the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

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John Tait

Married with two teenage children, most of John’s non-working time is taken up as being a parent. John wears multiple hats of a chauffeur, sports coach, part-time teacher, full-time life-coach, sometimes even as a chef. John is also involved in several community-based activities: Justice of the Peace, school council and parent groups, as well as volunteering with community groups.

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Karthik Subbaiah

Karthik is an ICT Project Manager leading a product development team in the Insurance Industry. He is also actively involved in volunteering efforts such as coaching and mentoring students, location lead for a global covid-19 initiative and treasurer at his local toy library.

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Dianne McGrath

Dianne is an experienced international professional speaker, she creates and delivers inspiring, engaging and dynamic talks for a variety of audiences including school children, government, not-for-profits and corporations.

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Thi- Thi Hong

With a wide range of experience in both Education and hospitality sectors, Thi-Thi honours the importance of good service for both Candidates and Clients of ASPL. She enjoys speaking to people as well as continuing to develop her knowledge and skills within the business space that she is employed at. She is passionate about customer service and has a love for teaching where she is currently studying a Bachelors of Education in Melbourne.

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Sangeeta Choudhury

Sangeeta has recently joined the ASPL team as a Recruitment Consultant bringing over 4 years of end to end recruitment experience. After completing her Master of Science and Diploma of HR management, she decided to leap into the world of IT Recruitment. She has worked for global IT Clients recruiting for entry-level to executive positions across a variety of sectors and geographies

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Tamara Roberts

Tamara has been blessed with years of experience in both the public and private sectors, working in accounting and bookkeeping. She is a business owner, devoted wife, and recently became a mother to a beautiful baby girl. Her goal is to attain work-life balance and maintain a passion for growing her business and achieving greater success using her love and knowledge of numbers.

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Jo Ransome

Jo is a mother of two teenagers and believes that many women have inspired her throughout the years to work hard and achieve her dreams. She has taken her inspiration from different women/role models at various times in life to stay motivated as all women are inspiring in their own unique ways.

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Sangeeta Pilger

Sangeeta is an executive and situational coach, training facilitator and workplace mediator. She’s passionate about helping people in their career direction through practical guidance. She enjoys making a difference in the workplace in areas such as leadership, performance, productivity, communication and relationships.

Sangeeta also recently co-authored a No 1 Amazon Best Seller book “In the Moment Coaching for Leaders: Quick and Effective Strategies to Inspire, Connect and Excel.” Her motivation for writing this book was to provide practical guidance for time-poor people who would like to make a difference for themselves and others by understanding the “whys” and “hows.” She shares what she knows to hopefully make other people’s lives better.

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Pierce Walker

Pierce is currently studying in his final semester of Bachelors of Business within RMIT university and majoring in Finance. With a passionate interest in the foreign exchange market, pierce hopes to continue down this career path upon graduation from RMIT.

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Gloria Vega

Gloria is a strategy and portfolio management professional, currently a Planner and Business Development Strategist for a major water corporation.

Her experience as a migrant and working mother in Australia has led her to establish a new social enterprise called Acude which promotes intercultural communication and address social isolation issues in Australia.

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Angelina Ling

Through Angelina’s curiosity in both employee and organisational behavioural, she decides to pursue her current Master’s Program in Human Resource Management at Swinburne University after she graduated from Business in Human Resource Management.

Angelina is fluent in 4 languages and embraces cultural diversity, which supports her passion and makes her an integral asset to the ASPL recruitment team.

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Patrice Pandeleos

Patrice is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at Seven Communications, an integrated communications agency and has over 16 years’ experience working in some of Australia’s highest profile media organisations including; Channel 7, SCA, ARN, and News Digital. She has worked with a number of leading brands such as Alibaba Group, Intrepid Travel, World Animal Protection, Speedo, Canon, Tourism Australia, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Fairfax and more.

She is active on the political landscape having campaigned to win the seats of Sydney and Heffron in two state elections for the Liberal Party and am on the board of Coalition for Conservation.

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Ash Sharma

Ash is currently working as Executive Assistant to ASPL CEO Kris Grant. With a Masters in Psychology with over 14 years of experience in training, bid management, sales, marketing and office administration.

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Nitin Aggarwal

Nitin is a senior fullstack technical specialist who is currently working with the Dept. of Human Services. With 13 years of IT experience under his belt, and experience with companies including NAB, Vanguard, Coles, Medibank, AMP and government agencies like Department of Justice and Department of Premier.

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Steven Armstrong

Steven Armstrong has been working with Worksafe Victoria’s data and analytics functions since May this year as the Director, Strategic Planning & Capability Enablement.

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Suzi Dyke

Growing up in a large family of a small town in country Victory, Suzi now lives in Melbourne with her family. Starting her career off as an electrical draftsman at State Electricity Commission of Victoria, Suzi now works as a Senior DevOps Security Specialist at Telstra.

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Mohan Aiyaswami

As a technology and business leader with over 30 years of experience, Mohan has been leading and implementing complex business transformation in several organisations globally.

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Alana Barker

Alana Barker is a full time Pilates teacher while also running a swimwear brand on the side.

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Judy Scott

Judy is a Canberra based mediator, coach and facilitator. Her career began in the UK, however, a winding life path from exercise physiologist to military officer and public servant has found her living and working in Kenya, Hong Kong and now Australia.

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Jodie Quilliam PSM

Jodie is an Assistant Director, Technical Service Delivery in the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services. Originally from South Australia, she has lived and worked in Tokyo, Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne.

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