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We are excited to announce the ASPL #WeLead campaign to amplify women and celebrating their achievements. As an organisation, we are exceptionally passionate about achieving gender equality and inclusion at every level which is deeply embedded into the fabric of ASPL. We encourage this change within client organisations in the private and public sectors as well. The #WeLead campaign highlights and interviews individuals on their journey while asking about women who inspire them each day.

“ASPL’s goal in the #WeLead Campaign is to bring awareness to this challenging issue and our first step is to provide a platform to resonate, connect and relate. By sharing individual’s journeys we hope that this resonates with you to continue talking with your colleagues, families and communities on how collectively this can change.

— Kris Grant, ASPL CEO

#WeLead Stories

Recent Stories

Marjah Simon-Meinefeld

Marjah was formerly in the army, a former model, an entrepreneur, and an attorney by profession. Now, she is on a mission to help aspiring authors bring their amazing stories to the world. She believes her experiences and education led her to be an international speaker, trainer, coach, writer, and an international best-selling author of The One Law (to Amazing Abundance In Every Area of Your Life). Marjah has two daughters—Alejandra, aged 14, Jada, aged 24; and blessed with a 2-year-old grandson, Alex.

Tara Hurster

Tara is a psychologist and the founder of The TARA Clinic (TARA is an acronym for Therapeutic Addiction Recovery Assistance). TARA supports busy and successful people to regain control over substance use and addiction while leaving the guilt and shame behind because everyone deserves to find the freedom they truly crave!

Januta Ribinskas

Januta is an author, leader, and Wellbeing Expert with over 25 years of experience as a senior human resources professional focusing on recruitment consulting and health and wellbeing. She’s the founder of Executive Wellbeing Pty Ltd and the creator of “Empower your Organisation” Masterclass Series of Workshops, Mindfulness Meditation, “The Knowing Flow”, Vinyasa Yoga series, and the renowned Transformational Breathing activation program.

Kate Langford

Kate started in Human Resources and Recruitment over 16 years ago. While being part of successful organisations was an awesome achievement, Kate found herself wanting to go deeper with guiding people to careers that made their everyday life better. Kate Langford Career Consulting is the result of her passion for helping people like you live their best life. 

Abby Cadman

Abby is the owner and director of two leading catering companies in Hong Kong, Relish and Gingers. She moved to Hong Kong 4 years ago with her husband and was determined to ‘make it’ in F&B here. Abby ended up working for Relish and later acquired the company, then the opportunity also came to take over Gingers. During all of this, the hospitality industry was crippled by widespread protests in Hong Kong, followed immediately by COVID, but they were one of the few companies that have stayed above water and survived. 

Emily Bobis

Emily is the co-founder of a multi-award winning tech startup from Sydney called Compass IoT. She co-founded Compass in 2018 at the age of 23 through UTS Startups with her two co-founders while studying for a postgraduate degree. Emily has over five years of experience working within the Sydney startup community and is passionate about mentorship, user-centric design, and the power of data to make a difference.

Danielle Dobson

Danielle is a speaker, facilitator, author, corporate advisor and mother, with an extensive background in corporate finance and then in the wellness industry. Now, she is on a mission: to help bring more gender equity to society and our workplaces, by breaking the Gender Code.

Katie Fairbrother

Katie is an architect, advocate and advisor – a modern day Renaissance woman, interested in and skilled in many areas. With more than 27 years’ professional experience, and armed with qualifications in Architecture, Built Environment, Project Management & Applied Science. She is on a mission to build a new normal for the industry so that better outcomes can be achieved for clients, their projects and her peers – regardless of gender.

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