Tell us a little about yourself?

I am an Executive Assistant and Account Manager for ASPL and a mum to two teenagers.

Who are the women who have inspired you most in your life?

Many women have inspired me throughout the years, from other working mums, women who run small/large businesses, to the celebrity women who have worked hard on their dreams and passions and persisted to make a name for themselves. I take inspiration from different women/role models at different times in my life to stay motivated as I believe all women are inspiring.

Why do you think it’s important to increase the number of women in business, particularly in leadership roles?

I think it is important to increase the number of women in leadership roles as it will create a balance within any company. It is much harder for a male to relate to his female employees and understand the needs of a female to be able help guide them to perform at their best. Having more females in leadership roles would create a balanced and more productive workplace for all, allowing the females to feel heard and understood. This would increase the motivation for women to strive for more and give them hope that it is possible to reach a higher level.

What do you think are barriers for women in the recruitment process?

Recruiters in this day and age are well aware that equal employment opportunities need to be focused on. I think the barrier for women would be their confidence within themselves to know that they are just as capable in making decisions a male would make in the same role.

I think this low self-esteem comes from the old school days where men went to work, and women looked after the home. There are a lot of women in the world still living at home amongst these old school beliefs as this is what they learnt while growing up and can still be quite prominent in families. It’s certainly hard work to curb these beliefs as women still may not get the support they need at home. So, having more women in leadership roles would definitely help change a male’s perception and inspire other women in the recruitment process to see that it is possible and help build their confidence.

What do you think contributes to the lack of females taking the plunge in entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is scary for anyone, male and female, as it is a huge risk financially and can affect their personal lives dramatically. Humans are caring in nature and we don’t like to let our entrepreneurial decisions affect others, especially our family, financially or emotionally. I think it’s quite even across all genders, as there are definitely people out there who are better at taking that risk in to entrepreneurship than others.

What more can be done to support women in male-dominated industries?

I believe everyone should encourage each of us in the workplace, no matter what your gender or level of leadership and have more of a positive and empathetic outlook/approach. I believe the government could support businesses financially by providing continuous counselling and workplace bonding activities for all employees. Mental health is a barrier for everyone at certain stages in life and we all have to work in harmony for a business to succeed and for everyone to feel accomplished.