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ASPL Group is a management consultancy, training and recruitment firm focused on aligning people, processes and systems. We have been operating across the private and public sectors in Australia and Asia Pacific for the past 15 years.

We offer strategic leadership training and consulting for emerging leaders across government and corporate organisations. We recognise the importance of investment into capability, leadership and talent management. Our core services are:


We source, retain and provide talent for all of your organisation's future demands, to help your workforce to reach exponential heights for your performance, capability and transformations.


We act as a trusted advisor to help you drive significant outcomes that meet rapidly changing environments. We help you develop workforce skills and drive operational improvement.


We offer strategic leadership, learning and development programs for both established, emerging leaders and your workforce, as we recognise the importance of investing in people.


Our Innovation Hub aims to create innovative technology solutions. We offer a singular, data-driven approach to innovation, using a range of tools and methods like Design Thinking and Agile.

ASPL is focused on empowering individuals and organisations to reach exceptional heights.”

Kris Grant


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