The talented Recruitment team at ASPL are specialised in permanent and contract placements for professionals.

We continuously source our talented candidates and successfully place into professional and executive level roles within our high end engagements and client opportunities.

We value culture fit

Your work environment is integral for your success. We know how valuable it is to find a position that not only exceeds your expectations on a professional level, but your colleagues and the company culture are in alignment with your values as well. Our Recruitment team takes the time to thoroughly screen our clients and our talent to find the best match for the ultimate outcome. Company Culture is key for ASPL and we work hard every day to ensure that our talent, clients and employees are being valued and are fully engaged.

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Candidate care

The ‘People First’ nature of ASPL sets our recruitment team apart and is what drives the Candidate Care team to help you achieve your career goals.

Each candidate’s career goals are taken into account, as well as their technical ability and “cultural fit” before matching them with a client. This disciplined and passionate approach to making a difference has enabled the ASPL Recruitment Team to gain the confidence of tier-1 companies, Federal and State level Government agencies and the top talent needed for each position!

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Talent development

Immerse yourself in our fully developed Candidate Care model, which ensures a high rate of success and satisfaction for both our valued candidates and clients.

The professional mentoring and development for creative and innovative rising stars is essential to both our growing national team and achieving individual personal goals.

Our team assist in every which way possible to help you firstly get a foot in the door of your preferred work environment, then build on the foundations you have set to embrace the next level of opportunity within your chosen field.

Executive search

The ASPL Recruitment Team are also able to provide strategic backfill and senior recruiting services in support of our Strategic Consulting teams. Our CEO Ms Kris Grant is a specialist in finding the Executive Talent needed for your team on either a temporary or full time basis. This Service can be engaged independently or as part of a broader ASPL Consulting assignment

Executive Coaching / Mentoring

Life at the top can be challenging. Working with an evolving team and shifting dynamics can impede both the rate and level of success of your mission. Many leaders have completed previous training, however the changing tides are a great time to revisit your Leadership style and reset the foundations of why you are in front.

Get the most from your team, now and moving forward and help guide the next generation of the company to ensure longevity and productivity

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Job Listings

Looking for your next challenge? Aligning with ASPL will ensure that you are aware of the most recent openings for your preferred field and ensure that you are notified as quickly as possible to ensure the best chance for success. If you are wondering what is currently available, be sure to check out our current vacancies!

Job Listings