ASPL is a proven world class provider of technology consulting services across the following key areas –

  • Technology Strategy including Enterprise and Solution Architecture
  • Technology Innovation
  • Women in IT

The depth and diversity of our technology consultants include specialists across all major Technology platforms in areas such as GIS, ERP, Health Informatics, and Manufacturing Systems, Banking Platforms, Integration Architecture and Interoperability Services.

Extensive Platform Experience
Our technical consulting teams have extensive industry and platform experience with current up to date certifications with Enterprise vendors including:

  • Sun
  • IBM
  • SAP
  • Microsoft
  • SAS
  • Oracle
  • Teradata
  • Salesforce
  • Pegasystems
  • Interwoven
  • TRIM
  • Intergraph

and more. ASPL is able to provide bespoke solutions as well as assist with design and implementation of packaged and configured Enterprise solutions

Addressing Changes in the Environment

ASPL recognize that technology driven business transformation is happening all around us and that many of our valued Clients are responding to change in different ways. It is a key risk for any Organisation seeking to capitalise, grow and expand in this rapidly changing landscape is to ignore the various changes happening around them. Some of the major disruptors that ASPL is currently assisting our valued Clients with include:

  1. Robotics and increasing levels of automation across all areas of Product and Service delivery;
  2. Blending of traditional Products and Services value chains into highly customisable Solution Sets based around Customer Self Service Models
  3. Bringing the Customer into the production and delivery process itself via Customer Journeys, interactive design and delivery frameworks and methods with real-time feedback loops, prototyping and approvals
  4. Cloud services and Pay for Use secure transactional gateways (hosted services based on “pay for slice” or pay by transaction” models)
  5. Virtual team sites and work environments impacting on the very nature of employment, concept of work, job share and capability based / output driven employment agreements. The virtual office and the virtual passport have become a reality with increasing numbers of the global workforce becoming tele-workers selling their services and time to the highest bidder and revolutionising the concept of an employee, the work week and the work day
“The ASPL team was outstanding, integrated quickly and worked effectively with the rest of our Partners and delivered results in a very short period of time. I have no hesitation in recommending ASPL to others and utilising their services again in the future.”
– ICT Program Director, Large Hospital Design and Commissioning Project Australia