Social Objectives
Our commitment to ethical and sustainable business operations

ASPL Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy aligns with many aspects of the Australian Public Service. Our aim is to demonstrate a continuing commitment to ethical and sustainable business operations by valuing our employees and local communities, while contributing to economic development. We are committed to the following as part of our Corporate Social Objectives:

"We have a social responsibility, a constitutional opportunity and a moral obligation to help others."
Janie Lewis
Author of The Guessing Game

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our clients and our staff. 

ASPL Group has been able to pivot to flexible work at short notice whilst still achieving business goals and maximising technology during this period.  We are committed to focus on inclusion as a key aspect of our work practice, whether working from home, an office or on-site.

ASPL Group adopts inclusion with our diversity of people (e.g. of different ages, cultural backgrounds, genders) who are valued and respected, have access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute their perspectives and talents to improve both our organisation and also with our clients.

We have created an inclusive workplace to maximiise diversity and have an inclusive practice to lift performance and wellbeing.

ASPL Group acknowledges, and pays respect to the traditional owners and ongoing custodians of the land of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging. We currently have a standing partnership with Kirra Services, an Aboriginal owned recruitment agency based in Australia, to provide Indigenous resources to Government clients.

ASPL Group is a tolerant and diverse organisation that recognises Indigenous Australians and their right to a fair and understanding workplace and employment opportunities. We recognise that Australia is made up of people who come from many different nations, and of the rights of Indigenous Australians including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to a fair and equal opportunities and practices. This recognition is reflected in:

  • Fair employment practices
  • The opportunity to be selected for any position or promotion based on merit
  • Participate in and access all relevant benefits and conditions
  • Be free from harassment and discrimination in the workplace
  • An environment which fully utilises their skills and talents.

We aim to work with Indigenous Australians by providing work opportunities and workplaces that are free from harassment and cultural bias and offer flexible working conditions and realistic career opportunities. We will do this by identifying actions, timelines and measurable targets for relationships, respect and opportunities.

ASPL Group offers specific support for Indigenous employees such as Cultural/Sorry Day/NAIDOC Leave and has a strong appreciation for their cultural requirements by allowing Leave for returning to their communities. Their journeys are shared to ensure that all the other ASPL Group employees appreciate their culture and values and we provide a culturally safe workplace.

ASPL Group is committed to providing an inclusive workplace for LGBTIQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/gender diverse, intersex and queer) employees and providing them equal opportunities. As part of our new hires, a training session is conducted by our CEO to make them aware of our inclusion and diversity objectives and the culture of the ASPL Group.

ASPL Group is owned and managed by a female CEO Kris Grant who is exceptionally passionate about how to reduce gender bias. This is part of our ethos and culture and in all of our recruitment processes.

Our CEO works with Ministers on how to approach gender imbalance in roles that are dominated by either male or female workers such as Women in IT with Minister Moss in Northern Territory to raise awareness and all have action plans in place to address the imbalances.

ASPL Group has paid family/domestic violence leave in place for all employees. We support employees and their managers who are experiencing family/domestic violence by:

  • Policy
  • Procedure
  • EAP
  • Training and education
  • Paid relocation costs and one month of accommodation 
for any employee experiencing family/domestic violence
  • Raising awareness

ASPL Group is uniquely run by a female CEO and has over 70% of our workforce being females. Our leadership team consisting of our CEO, our COO, CFO, Head of Consulting and EO is 4 females and 1 male.

ASPL Group is exceptionally passionate about gender equality and as such offers both female graduates’ internships, supports females working from home and also has strong policies and procedures for supporting women returning to work from family leave by offering flexibility and support.

ASPL Group comprises of people from diverse cultural, ethnic, religious and national backgrounds and identities. ASPL Group places great importance on this as cultural diversity, cultural capability, and global experience are increasingly being recognised as valuable for Senior Leadership positions.

ASPL Group’s team is culturally diverse and this helps to broaden our strategic perspective, identify and enter new local and global markets, innovate, achieve business goals in culturally diverse business settings, and generate high performing multi-national and multicultural teams. We operate in Australia and the Asia Pacific Markets.

ASPL Group supports disability inclusion within the workplace by understanding the relationship between the way people function and how they participate in society and making sure everybody has the same opportunities to participate in every aspect of life to the best of their abilities and desires.

We have identified the 5 barriers to accessibility for people with disabilities being attitudinal, organisational or systemic, architectural or physical, information or communications, and technology and continue to strive to address these barriers in our ecosystem by coaching, training and education.

ASPL Group adopts a flexible approach to work in attracting and retaining talent in a diverse workforce. Our strategic approach is based on more than just accommodating an individual’s needs – it is about re-designing work at a team or organisation level to maximise performance and wellbeing.

ASPL Group’s strategy is to attract, engage and retain employees of all ages.  We consider how to maximise the contribution of the ageing Australians in our society and workplace and ensure that there is no discrimination in all of our practices.  All of ASPL Group employees are trained in unconscious bias and innovative ways to address the future work for ageing employees.

ASPL Group promotes and maintains the mental health and wellbeing of all staff through workplace practices, and encourages staff to prioritise their own mental health and wellbeing.

We believe that the mental health and wellbeing of our staff is key to organisational success and sustainability.

Our goals:

  • To build and maintain a workplace environment and culture that supports mental health and wellbeing and prevents discrimination (including bullying and harassment).
  • To increase employee knowledge and awareness of mental health and wellbeing issues and behaviours.
  • To reduce stigma around depression and anxiety in the workplace.
  • To facilitate employees active participation in a range of initiatives that support mental health and wellbeing.

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) invests heavily in training its service men and women. This means that when they leave the ADF, veterans have a broad range of skills and experience.

Our business recognises the value and unique experience of our veterans and encourages employment opportunities for those who have served our country.

We will:

  • Recognise the skills and value that veterans can bring to our business
  • Support the employment of veterans, ensuring that veterans have equal opportunities in gaining employment with our business
  • Aim to provide career opportunities in our business to veterans 
  • Actively seek to understand how veterans’ skills and experience can translate into civilian skills and contribute to our business
  • Provide suitable training, mentoring and coaching to veterans to assist their integration into our business
  • Ensure our HR policies equitably support the recruitment and retention of all employees, including veterans.


As an organisation, we are exceptionally passionate about achieving gender equality and inclusion which is deeply embedded into the culture of ASPL Group which aligns with our strategic priority to close the gender gap. The ASPL Group #WeLead campaign amplifies the achievements of women to raise awareness and for this to be included in daily conversations with our communities. Our CEO Kris Grant speaks regularly to media, clients and participants raising this awareness.
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