As part of our national Consulting team, ASPL has a number of highly trained practitioners and examiners who are certified to offer training, frameworks and methods in the following areas:

  • TOGAF 9.1
  • Metis
  • Troux
  • System Architect
  • EA Sparx
  • Microsoft AZURE platform and business application services

The proven ASPL EAP Framework includes 12 integrated Modules with hundreds of embedded templates, Method Statement, practical “How To” guides as well online training guides and learning programs.

Below is a high level presentation of the EAP Framework Meta Model.

The Enterprise Architecture Practice (EAP) Framework is ASPL’s primary Consulting delivery methodology. The framework is lite-weight in nature comprising 12 modules that can be used independently or in unison to deliver a range of Consulting and Professional Services. Together all 12 modules comprise a full life-cycle view of our approach to delivering full Service Strategy, Business and Technology Consulting, Change Management and Business Transformation services to our valued Clients.

  1. Strategy, Marketing & Communications
  2. Brand, Innovation, Culture and Change
  3. Product, Platforms, Services and Solutions
  4. HRM
  5. PPM
  6. PMO
  7. Enterprise Architecture
  8. Business Architecture
  9. Technology Architecture
  10. Information Management
  11. Security, Data and Networks
  12. Infrastructure and Assets

What is the role of a Meta Model? Why does it exist? The Meta Model serves the following purpose:

  1. Over-arching view of our ASPL Methodology and the core Modules;
  2. Understanding of what functions occur in each Module;
  3. Understanding of how each Module relates to another;
  4. Guide as to how to use each Module; and
  5. Overall understanding of the “Universe of Objects” which exist within the ASPL EAP Framework.

A more detailed understanding of each Module and the key Functions, Objects, Artefacts, Templates and Case Studies associated with each Module can be found in the library of Information Papers (IP’s). Contact us for more information.