Leadership Training

Working on all levels of leadership, ASPL Group creates world-class, customised leadership experiences that are progressive, transformational and address lifelong patterns on those who undertake them. Developed to align to your future strategy, culture and stakeholder expectations, and tailored to each level of management, our leadership experiences change people on a business, customer-centric and human level. We ignite clarity of purpose and a new and focused mindset, and balance it with commercial know-how, business acumen and strategic creativity.

We achieve successful outcomes to complex personnel challenges by co-designing training programs which meet specific requirements and provide a more engaged, collaborative team based on our leadership framework.

The design and development of this innovative leadership program is based on our internationally recognised EAP Framework (Applying Neuroscience to Leadership) and considers best practice adult learning principles (combination of facilitation, syndicate sessions, online materials and coaching) to engage, inspire and most importantly shift patterns of behaviours for adaptive leadership. As part of our co-design phase, ASPL considers a range of leadership frameworks and diagnostic tools such as MBTI Profiling, Adaptive Leadership, Applying Neuroscience to Leadership and Executive Coaching.


We partner with you and co-design bespoke, dynamic and engaging flexible learning packages for Senior Leaders and Emerging Leaders.

This will include both foundational capability elements (based on your selected framework or APSC), flexible development modules, strategic planning sessions, executive coaching, external networking and practical tools for sustaining skills in the workplace and an ongoing evaluation framework.

Our blended learning approach model combines formal training via classroom facilitation, web-based training, action learning groups, e-learning courses, workshops, seminars and informal learning such as executive coaching and mentoring.

Our Training Modules include Authentic Leadership, Leading for Success, Strategic ThinkingStakeholder Engagement, Enterprise Thinking, Strategic Business Communication and Strategic Sales Training. To learn more, please contact

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ASPL Group Coaching Services

Dedicated to empowering professional growth, ASPL Group has a wealth of experience delivering tailored Career Coaching services to individuals at all levels of business. Our Career Coaches seek to understand the specific challenges facing each of their clients whilst encouraging open communication and authenticity at all times.

Whether it is to help you stand out in a competitive job market, transform your leadership style or improve job seeking in the era of COVID-19, our Coaches are committed to helping you realise professional growth.

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