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Dedicated to empowering professional growth, ASPL Group has a wealth of experience delivering Coaching services to individuals at all levels of business. Whether it is to help you stand out in a competitive job market, transform your leadership style or improve job seeking in the era of COVID-19, our Coaches are committed to helping you realise professional growth. Our experienced ASPL Group Coaching Team will ignite your clarity of purpose to a new and focused mindset with our service offerings for individuals in the following:

Resume/CV Preparation ​

A targeted session to immerse ourselves in your personal brand, gain an appreciation of your target audience and assist in crafting a CV that will be unique and stand out from the competition.

Interview Techniques & Preparation

Using our proven neuroscientific approach, we will help you identify the biggest strengths in your emotional intelligence, and help you unlock the art of presenting yourself as the ideal candidate.

Executive Coaching

Our experienced and accredited Executive Coaches take senior leaders and emerging leaders on a new journey of engagement, inspiration and to shift patterns of behaviour using our neuroscience framework for adaptive leadership.

Job Seeking Coaching

We co-design a targeted campaign with you to maximise your efforts with your job search. We will assist you with opening different channels and networks to consider and help target the companies or industries which inspire you.

Career Coaching

Our experienced and accredited Career Coaches will take your career to new heights by providing techniques which encourage self-empowerment, self-development and increased confidence.

Executive Coaching for Women

Our new Executive Coaching service for women focuses on how to build self-confidence, authenticity and teaches effective new techniques for “leaning in”, specifically designed to address the challenges that women face.

Resume/CV Preparation ​

Our Career Coaches provide CV services which involve a targeted session to immerse ourselves in your personal brand, gain an appreciation of your target audience and assist in crafting a CV that will be unique and stand out from the competition.

In this hour, you Career Coach will provide you with personalised support to polish your CV including clarifying your branding, strengths and achievements and provide tips for presenting your CV to your audience.

Job Seeking Coaching​

Our experienced Career Coaches have a deep understanding of the job market and can co-design with you a targeted campaign to maximise your efforts with your job search.  We will assist you with opening different channels and networks to consider and help target the companies or industries which inspire you.

Interview Techniques & Preparation

Our experienced Career Coaches will arm you with confidence and techniques to be successful in your interviews. Using our proven neuroscientific approach, we’ll help you to unlock and showcase your emotional intelligence, and present yourself as the ideal candidate. This session includes:

  • Behavioural frameworks to prepare you for the interview questions
  • 2-hour session with a qualified Career coach via phone or Zoom which includes:
    • Planning & Preparation
    • EQ and building a rapport with your interviewer
    • Being vulnerable and authentic during the interview
    • Guiding the conversation
    • Art of listening
    • Concluding the interview
    • Role playing the interview

Career Coaching

Our experienced and accredited Career Coaches are specialists in taking your career to new heights by providing techniques which encourage self-empowerment, self-development and increased confidence. This includes:

  • Create a safe coaching space for you to express your thoughts, and make decisions with confidence
  • Help you communicate your past experiences effectively to showcase your skills
  • Explore possibilities and develop strategies to help you determine the best options for your future
  • Polish your narrative, so your story and career history makes sense to decision-makers
  • Learn about your strengthswhat inspires you and what career paths will ignite your passions
  • Develop your future career plan

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching can include a range of subjects and can be tailored to your individual requirements such as:

Personal Leadership

  • Applying neuroscience to Leadership
  • Being a leader versus a manager
  • Reflect on your purpose as a leader- aligning your purpose with that of your organisation

Leading through COVID-19

  • Leading remote workforces
  • Strengthening your emotional intelligence

Strategies for leading change

  • Managing conflict in complex, changing situations
  • Emerging as a leader in the Digital Age- How to collaborate in a fast-changing digital world
  • Strategic human resource management (HRM)

Executive Coaching for Women

Our Executive Coaching service for women focuses on how to build self-confidence and authenticity. Specifically designed to address the challenges that women face in the workplace on a regular basis. Executive coaching can include a range of subjects based on your individual requirements such as:

  • Building self-belief and self-confidence as a female leader
  • Strengthening your leadership presence and influence
  • Achieving your ambitions
  • Supporting women within your teams
  • Managing ‘imposter syndrome’
  • Developing your network and mentors
  • Managing gender bias and unconscious bias in the workplace
  • Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace
  • Balancing work-life and family life

Our coaching will support and challenge you to take your career to the next level with more confidence and skill. We can work with you to harness your existing strengths and experience, providing the impetus and encouragement to achieve far more of your potential.

Qualified Coaches Our Career & Executive Coaches

Vanessa Giannos

Vanessa is a highly experienced, well-regarded International Behavioural, Executive, Leadership, Business, Wellness and Career Coach. Vanessa has over 25 years of Human Resources, Coaching & Leadership Development experience and has helped thousands of young professionals, professionals and leaders exceed in their careers...

Joanne McAlpine

Joanne has spent the last twenty years coaching and leading programs that focus on building authentic leadership capabilities. She is dedicated to helping leaders develop the confidence, courage, and clarity to successfully lead at all levels...

Glenda May

Glenda has Over 20 years’ Facilitation and Business Coaching experience, working in companies in Australia, New Zealand, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, France, Romania, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Albania...

Robyn Ann Freshwater

Robyn specialises is executive and professional development coaching, workshop facilitation, leadership development, employee engagement and culture change. Her fifteen years of professional coaching experience in the private, not for profit and public sectors in Australia and the United Kingdom, has ranged from individual coaching...

Birgitta Ravenhill

Birgitta believes in connected leadership, one that is heart centred and value based. Especially in these complex and fast changing times it is more important than ever for leaders not only to lead with courage but also to be compassionate and show up vulnerable, because no one can have all the answers....

Michael Oon

Supporting executives and managers to unleash their leadership potential, whilst retaining authenticity, is what drives Michael as a coach. He encourages them to stay curious, increase their resourcefulness and experiment without compromising ‘who’ they really are...

Kathryn Maggs

Kathryn is a Leadership expert, specialising in Conscious Leadership, Confidence Resilience and Transformational Change, in particular for Senior professional women leaders and their teams. Her combined passion for people and leadership has led her to helping executives and their teams reach their full potential...

Jane Boardman

Jane Boardman is one of Australia most experienced executive and career coaches with over 16 years (over 9000 hours) full-time experience. She provides one-on-one coaching, which is personally tailored to each client. She has many executive clients at the senior levels of government and in the private sector to CEO level...

Kylie Holyland

Kylie Holyland has over 30 years’ experience helping individuals, managers and leaders to shift their thinking and behaviour, so they thrive together at work. As a full-time executive coach, Kylie has worked with over 250 clients at all levels of organisations, challenging and supporting them to transform their work and lives....

Judy Scott

Judy has 27 years of experience delivering services that enable individuals and organisations to achieve career success; and team and business goals. Experienced to lead learning and development projects, organisational change, and HR strategies...

Sangeeta Pilger

Sangeeta is an experienced, qualified and credentialled executive coach, workplace mediator and facilitator with over 30 years of government and private sector experience. A highlight of her time working in government was the implementation of a coaching culture, a program recognised by an AHRI Award for People Management Initiative of the Year...

Jennifer Arnold-Levy

Jennifer is a senior learning and development consultant and facilitator, transfer of learning specialist and a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation with more than 1000 hours providing executive coaching globally to leaders across all levels of management...

David Smith

David is the Master Trainer of Genos motional Intelligence Programs and Head of International Development across the APAC region and delivers the Genos Certification Program across the region for aspiring emotional intelligence practitioners and has been a DiSC practitioner...

Lindsay Dewberry

Lindsay commenced his career as a graduate within the National Australia Bank (NAB) where he held a variety of branch and head office roles over 9 years. After finalising a post graduate qualification in accounting he moved from the fledgling National Mutual Royal Bank to its joint parent (National Mutual) where he held a variety of senior accounting and...

Aurelia Balpe

Aurelia is an executive coach serving individuals, teams and organisations in the not-for-profit and corporate sectors. She believes that coaching is a powerful force for enhancing personal, team and organisational development. She brings a deep belief in the power of self-inquiry and relational approaches. She draws on cognitive...

Fiona Hamilton-Caine

Fiona built her career over 25 years working within the Corporate Sector, principally in aviation. She has held international management positions within Operations, Training, Corporate Sales and Development including managing the operations of a major airline in Jordan...

Teresa Koerbes

Teresa has over 20 years international experience in coaching, management consulting and senior diplomatic roles in Australia, Europe, South East Asia and South America. Working across industries and sectors, Teresa partners with her clients to act and think in new ways and create organisations that flourish....

Helen Newall

Helen is deeply skilled in the field of Human Resources. She has a particular interest in human behaviour and the way this creates commercial and cultural value. She has held senior executive roles in a Public Sector (Investment Management) and ASX listed companies including VFMC, AMP Limited, AXA Asia Pacific Holding....

Penny Marangos

With over 18 years’ experience in the ducation and Vocational Education sector, Penny is passionate Learning and Development professional who has worked across industries to up-skill, develop and improve individuals and businesses to enable sustained and measurable improvements...

Nell Wilson

Nell believes everyone should get the opportunity to become a great leader, work with great leaders and be part of an inclusive and high performing team and workplace, where people are valued and their opinions and contributions matter...

Travis Davies

Travis is a highly experienced Senior Learning Consultant with 20 years’ experience with a solid grounding in all facets of the L&D ifecyle. With extensive practical experience working with teams and individuals across a wide range of industries and organisational levels. Travis brings great energy and passion to helping others achieve success...

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