Teagan Osborne

Head of Operations

A – Accomplishments
Teagan is a crucial member of ASPL Group’s senior leadership team, serving as the Head of Operations. With a robust foundation of over 8 years of experience in diverse roles, Teagan has become a driving force behind the operational excellence of ASPL Group, ensuring the highest standards of service delivery, particularly in talent management and recruitment.

S – Specialising in Recruitment
Teagan’s work ethic is defined by resilience and dedication, enabling her to efficiently navigate the complexities of ASPL Group’s initiatives. Her expertise includes organisational skills and adept interpersonal communication, empowering her to excel in crucial areas such as conflict resolution, negotiation, and administration.

P – Passion for ASPL’s Clients
In her role as the Head of Operations, Teagan is instrumental in ensuring the seamless execution of ASPL Group’s partnerships, recruitment, and executive coaching initiatives. She excels in establishing best-practice methodologies for critical thinking, meeting deadlines, and effective team management. Teagan specialises in tailoring solutions to meet the specific needs of clients, particularly within the government sector.

L – Learning and Development Champion
Teagan’s commitment to personal and professional growth is unwavering. Beyond her role, she actively seeks fresh challenges and supports others in achieving shared objectives. Dedicated to enhancing her team’s capabilities, Teagan prioritises continuous learning and development initiatives with a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion (D&I). She actively pursues D&I targets in all operations, ensuring ASPL Group’s values are upheld, and client expectations are consistently met.

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