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Yahoo! Finance – The 7 books to read to rewire your brain

Yahoo! Finance
New Years Resolutions are so 2021. Make 2022 the year of reading.

It takes 66 days on average to learn a new habit, so it’s no wonder people struggle to commit to their annual new year’s resolutions. Instead of setting unrealistic goals, feeling overwhelmed by the unpredictability of recent years, or setting yourself up for failure, find a good book and take control of your happiness in 2022.

The good ol’ new years resolution – traditionally intended to create that new you. However, have you ever considered the power of words? There are many incredible and powerful books out there that can teach us new tools, help us shift our mindsets, or simply provide pure joy. So instead of feeling depleted by the unpredictability of recent years, take control of your happiness and find a new way to grow with a good book in 2022.

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