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The Sydney Morning Herald — Women have the right to demand pay equality

The Sydney Morning Herald
Pay equity is essential to achieving economic equality between men and women, and it is also important for employers who want to retain female employees. Pay disparity between men and women perpetuates gender inequality, and addressing the gap can help to create a more equal society.

So, what is the pay gap? The gender wage gap is defined by the OECD as the difference between the median earnings of men and women relative to median earnings of men.

Below ASPL Group’s CEO Kris Grant, shares some simple steps women can take to demand pay parity from their employers in 2023.

Tip 1: Demand pay transparency

When employees can access information about the pay and benefits of all employees, it becomes easier to detect discrepancies between the salaries of men and women working in the same position.

Tip 2: Assert your rights

It is a basic right to receive equal pay for equal work. But if you don’t ask, many employers will not offer. So, if you believe you are being paid less than a male peer, contact your employer’s human resources department and they will be compelled to listen.

Tip 3: Outline your value to your employer

To back your demand for gender pay equality, you should research comparable salaries being paid for similar roles in the jobs market. If you’re paid much less than the market, which includes men’s salaries, that’s not fair equitable practice, and it could point to a gender wages gap.

Tip 4: Ask for a wage audit

By conducting wage audits and making pay information public, companies may face greater pressure to address any gender pay gaps that exist. A gender pay audit and pay equity action plan are key features of best practice talent management and upholding fairness in the workplace.

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