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ASPL Group Supports Queensland Government by Becoming a Prequalified Local Buy Supplier

Local Buy
"Local Buy is a leader in the provision of procurement services to the whole of government. Using Local Buy enables our clients to reduce risk, improve compliance, streamline purchasing and deliver significant savings."

ASPL Group supports Queensland Government by becoming a prequalified local buy supplier:

  • Business Management Services BUS272
  • Recruitment – Permanent BUS259-0816 (B)

“Local Buy is a leader in the provision of procurement services to the whole of government. The existing clients are:

  • Queensland local government
  • Queensland state government
  • Local government-owned corporations
  • Local government in other states
  • Statutory bodies
  • Universities
  • Federal government
  • Not-for-profit organisations

As ASPL is a vetted Local Buy supplier, you can engage directly with us under the Local Buy Contract. Engaging with the ASPL Group will save you time, will reduce risk and will save you money without having to undergo a tender. You can simply request a quotation from us and access a range of services through a quotation rather than a tender process.

All Local Buy contracts are compliant with the Local Government Act 2009 and the Local Government Regulations Act 2012. Each Local Buy supplier is vetted through a comprehensive tender, evaluation, and approval process prior to being appointed to a Local Buy contract.

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