Arpita Ezhilmathi

Recruitment Consultant

A – Astute HR Professional
Arpita is an experienced human resource professional who has an overall 5 years of experience in end-to-end Recruitment and possesses wide and in-depth knowledge in this domain. She has a master’s degree in human resource from Edinburgh Napier University, UK. Her key skills are recruitment, HR consulting, HR policies, Staffing service, Technical Recruitment.

S -Strategic People Partner
Arpita strives to deliver excellent and smooth experiences to all her clients, candidates, and stakeholders. Her work motto is “To solve business problems through people” and she is currently excited to be a part of the ASPL team. Arpita enjoys communicating with candidates throughout the entire employee lifecycle and assists with the full execution of all recruitment processes, including but not limited to job posting, phone interviewing, job interviewing, providing feedback, and regular communication throughout the entire recruitment stage.

P – Process-oriented Recruiter
Arpita studies the candidates’ experience and resumes, asks detailed questions to determine candidate appropriateness, and emphasises the client’s employee value proposition (EVP). She meticulously monitors job offers and compensation practices, emphasising benefits and perks, to ensure clients are attracting great talent in the current tight labour market.

L – Lifelong Problem Solver
In summary, Arpita is a highly skilled and strategic HR professional dedicated to solving business problems through effective people management. With a strong foundation in recruitment and a commitment to delivering exceptional experiences, she is a valuable asset to the ASPL team.

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