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Job-readiness in 2021 & Beyond

ASPL Group is a management consultancy, training and recruitment firm focused on aligning people, processes and systems. We have been operating across the private and public sectors in Australian and Asia Pacific for the past 15 years. Our expertise is in recruitment, training, innovation and business consulting and, like many in these fields, we have witnesses firsthand the impacts of COVID-19 on graduates and young job seekers. ASPL is proposing to deliver pro-bono training programs to improve students’ employability and job-readiness through practical, interactive training sessions.

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COVID-19 Impact

1 %
Declined job ads*
1 %
Unemployment rate*

The program will be based on ASPL’s experience in delivering training and recruitment services and will also acknowledge:

Demand and emerging trends in the employment market that will boost employability

The priorities outlined in the recent higher-education funding and strategic policy initiatives

The pressures and requirements that COVID-19 place on student job/internships seekers

The strengths and skills of participants and matching them to industry/sector requirements

Incorporating ‘Extracurricular’ into Your Curriculum

With the federal government announcing changes in the funding model for universities, our training program is tailored to increase student employment rates and provide an innovative approach to supporting your students’ success. ASPL’s program covers key aspects of employability that are currently considered ‘’extracurricular” that may make the difference in gaining opportunities and succeeding in them.

ASPL’s team of expert consultants has extensive experience in recruitment and delivering specialized training for job seekers – which we have drawn on in preparing this training program for university students. Based on our existing training program frameworks and expertise,  ASPL Student Coaching services can include:

Video Interviews

Remote Job Orientation

Overcoming Biases Online

Answering the call of a performance-based
model for university funding


The program will also reflect the state of play in 2021 and cover key factors that are likely to make it more attractive to university students, such as the following:

Specialised training content for job search training
in the COVID-19 environment​

  • ASPL will ensure that students are confident in applying for jobs using the latest online video meeting platforms
  • Content will also recognize that in interviewing for a role via Zoom, for example, a graduate is also demonstrating their ability to work remotely should they be successful in winning the role.
  • ASPL will offer role playing for job interviews via remote video software

Training tailored for female and international students

  • Lean In approach for women in the workplace
  • All STEM courses are a particular focus at federal, state and university level for improving the employability of female graduates
  • Ensuring international students are confident in expressing themselves and communicating with supervisors and colleagues

On-going support – ASPL will also add participants to their internal recruitment database and and cadetship placement programs, provide a follow-up report to the university 4-6 months on to demonstrate impact, provide the university with a report on the participants and their strengths and suitability, review the training programs as the are rolled out, tailoring them to requirements

ASPL would welcome the opportunity to incorporate learnings into an academic process, whether it is teaching or research, and are happy to consider ongoing partnerships for placing students and graduates into positions they are recruiting for across Australia.

Interested to learn more about this pilot program?

Learn more about how it could benefit your students and ensure that your university is offering extra support to its students students and ensure that your university is developing job-ready graduates. Send us your email and we will come back to you shortly!

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