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Retail World Magazine — Gender Pay Parity; A Basic Human Right

Retail World Magazine
The pay disparity between male and female wages in Australia is much wider than in many other countries including NZ, UK, Germany, Italy and France.

The gender pay gap as discussed by OECD, measures the difference in the median earnings of men and women. According to the most recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the median wage for a man working full time was $1390.00 in May 2021 and just $1,042.00 for women. This represents a wage gap of around 25 per cent between men’s and women’s median wages.

Closing the pay gap is critical and Kris, CEO of ASPL Group, shares five tips for your to consider if you are currently experiencing pay inequity:

  1. Lean in: if you believe you’re being paid less than a male colleague doing the same work, bring it to the attention of your employer and human resources department. The chances of getting what you ask for are greater in a tighter labour market where employers are now more than ever focused on retaining their employees.
  2. Demand pay transparency: Pay transparency enables employers to identify and address gender pay gap disparities in their organisations. This enables organisations to be accountable when it comes to equal pay when employees are easily able to detect any discrepancies between the salaries of men and women with the same role and responsibilities.
  3. Outline your value to your employer: Research comparable salaries being paid for similar roles in the job market. If you’re paid much less than the market, present this to your employer with facts and data to raise their attention.
  4. Join a union or get a coach: Depending on which industry you’re in, unions help to advocate for equal pay and can negotiate with employers on behalf of their members to ensure equal working conditions, benefits and pay. If you don’t have a union representative, asking your employer for coaching or a mentor can assist to guide you through the process of asking for equal pay.
  5. Keep on demanding pay equality: Don’t give up if the answer has been no. Ask again when your salary is being reviewed or in your annual performance review.

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