Aimee Durbridge

Executive Officer

A – Accomplished Executive Officer

Aimee is a seasoned professional with over 5 years of extensive experience in administration and an accomplished Executive Officer (Communications and Engagements) at ASPL Group. With a nuanced understanding of consulting and human resources, she skilfully navigates the intricate responsibilities of our executive office, administration, and project teams. Aimee’s proficiency in orchestrating seamless operations is marked by a track record of efficiently managing resources, streamlining processes, and ensuring optimal project outcomes.

S – Specialised Expertise in HR and Marketing

Aimee’s academic foundation is rooted in excellence, holding a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a specialised focus on Human Resources and Marketing. With many years of experience in customer service, this dual specialisation forms the cornerstone of her expertise, empowering her to bring a unique blend of strategic insight to ASPL Group’s client engagements. Her knowledge encompasses the intricacies of human resource management, talent acquisition, and strategic marketing, enriching the multifaceted approach to ASPL Group’s client engagements.

P – Project Deadline Pioneer

Aimee is more than an exceptionally organised professional; she is a project deadline pioneer. Her meticulous approach to running the development of consulting deliverables sets a high standard within ASPL Group. This commitment ensures that the quality of deliverables consistently meets the highest standards.

L – Leadership in Administration

In addition to her project management prowess, Aimee leads the administration team, guiding them with her exceptional organisational skills and dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality in deliverables. Her leadership contributes significantly to the seamless operations of ASPL Group, reinforcing its reputation for excellence in consulting services.

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