Tamara Roberts


A – Accurate Financial Management 

Tamara’s journey in the accounting profession began in a public practice, where she honed her skills in meticulous financial management. This early experience ingrained in her the significance of ongoing active involvement and accuracy when maintaining up-to-date financial information. She thrived in the dynamic environment, learning the intricacies of managing financial data for diverse clients. 

S – Strategic Leadership in Accounting 

As the leader of ASPL’s Accounts Department, Tamara oversees a comprehensive range of responsibilities. From accounts payable and receivable to bank reconciliations and payroll processing, she ensures the seamless operation of financial functions. Beyond day-to-day tasks, Tamara also plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing that ASPL meets its regulatory compliance obligations and internal reporting requirements.  

P – Passion for Compliance and Reporting 

Tamara’s passion lies in ensuring that operations at ASPL remain unhindered by maintaining accurate financial information. Tamara goes beyond mere adherence, providing insightful information and comprehensive reporting to key stakeholders when needed. Her commitment to regulatory standards enhances ASPL’s reputation for transparency and integrity. 

L – Leveraging Growth Opportunities 

What drew Tamara to ASPL was the promise of exciting growth and development opportunities for the business. The energetic vibe and supportive team environment at ASPL motivated her to contribute her expertise. Tamara is enthusiastic about spearheading initiatives that drive outstanding results, implementing new processes, and fostering innovation within the organisation. 

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