Alice Chien

Executive Coach

Professional Summary

With over 10 years working with senior professionals, Alice Chien is an executive coach and career development specialist who specialises in guiding individuals to explore their potential, personal growth, and peak performance. Alice has a deep understanding and appreciation of human behaviour and cornerstone habits that underpin high functioning leaders. From supporting hundreds of clients to achieve their career and professional goals, Alice has established a reputation for fostering positive and lasting transformations in professionals. Her perspective and experience equip her with a holistic approach to coaching that considers both personal and professional dimensions.

Education and Certifications

  • Bachelor of Arts: Major in Cultural Studies
  • Advanced Diploma of Business: Advertising
  • Accelerated Coaching Accreditation (ICF Accredited)

Alice is passionate about sharing her tools and approaches with her corporate groups and one-on-one clients. She’s also a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Master Hypnotherapist and an accredited provider and facilitator of the behavioural model DiSC (psychometric testing). For leadership insights and development, Alice utilises PXT Select & PXT Select Leadership as a supportive diagnostic tool. Alice has a professional industry background of over ten years in marketing, fundraising, and communication.


Throughout her career, Alice has empowered a diverse range of executives, emerging leaders, and high-potential individuals to navigate complex challenges. Testimonials from past clients highlight her ability to unlock untapped potential, enhance leadership skills, and foster a growth-oriented mindset. Beyond her one-on-one clients, Alice is also contributor to various forums and communities, sharing insights on topics such as values driven work, purpose, strengths, navigating change, leadership, and career development.

In the realm of executive coaching, Alice offers a results-led experience that partners with individuals to achieve their full potential and most meaningful career. Alice is dedicated to helping leaders to seek the greatest levels of fulfilment in their work and lives.

Coaching Approach

Alice recognises that everyone’s journey is unique and adopts a highly tailored approach to coaching. Alice partners and collaborates with clients to identify strengths, challenges, and aspirations. Alice’s coaching methodology emphasises self-awareness, goal setting, and actionable strategies that align with each person’s ultimate vision.

Common themes for coaching include:

  • Identifying career goals: getting clarity on your short-term and long-term career objectives, considering your skills, interests, and values.
  • Recognising the patterns that are holding you back: identify, beliefs and assumptions.
  • Defining your purpose and ideal impact area: What is your driving why?
  • Using psychometric testing and other diagnostic tools to explore your strengths and development areas.
  • Career development: shaping a professional development plan to enhance your skillset and value in your specialisation.
  • Building confidence and performance in all areas of your life
  • Personal branding: get help defining and communicating your personal brand and
  • thought leadership for your role and platform.
  • Networking and relationship building, outreach strategies, nurturing professional networks and staying connected with a purpose.
  • Work-life balance: improving time management, productivity, and initiatives that support work-life balance.
  • Leadership development: Developing or progressing leadership skills and qualities.
  • Navigating change: remaining flexible and adjusting approaches in the face of change Known for her approachable demeanour, Alice creates a safe space for clients to open and explore their professional challenges. This approach builds a foundation of trust that fosters deep, meaningful coaching relationships. Alice is a strong advocate for ongoing personal and professional development. She regularly engages in ongoing training and remains current with the latest industry trends and leverages this knowledge to provide guidance to her clients.

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