Ken Yau

Junior Service & UX Designer

A – Adaptable UX Designer

Ken, as a UX designer, brings 2 years of successful experience in designing for SaaS, responsive web, and public kiosks. His adaptability allows him to navigate diverse design challenges, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience across various platforms.

S – Strategic Problem Solver

Ken’s expertise lies in problem-solving and driving product value. Through strategic thinking and a keen understanding of user needs, he has consistently delivered innovative and intuitive user experiences. His approach involves identifying challenges and crafting solutions that enhance overall usability.

P – Proactive Collaborator

Ken is dedicated to collaborating cross-functionally to ensure design solutions meet business objectives and exceed user expectations. His proactive engagement with various teams ensures a holistic approach to design, aligning user experience with broader business goals.

L- Lifelong Learner

In the ever-evolving field of UX design, Ken embraces a mindset of continuous learning. His dedication to staying updated on industry trends and emerging technologies empowers him to bring fresh perspectives and cutting-edge solutions to every project.

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