Vanessa Giannos

Executive Coach

Professional Experience

Vanessa is a highly experienced, well-regarded International Behavioural, Executive, Leadership, Business, Wellness and Career Coach and Facilitator. Vanessa has over 25 years of Human Resources, Coaching and Leadership Development experience and has helped thousands of young professionals, professionals and leaders exceed in their careers.

Education and Certifications

  • PhD Candidate: Leadership
  • Post Graduate Diploma (Business Research)
  • Diploma in Leadership Coaching
  • Greenwich University (London, UK) Masters in Employment (Strategic OD & HRM)
  • University (London, UK) Post-Graduate Diploma – HR. Accredited CIPD


Vanessa has also helped hundreds of business owners build and grow their businesses. Vanessa has worked with organisations in all sectors, including Government and NFP, from pre-launch start-ups through to multi-national conglomerations. Vanessa is a passionate and engaging coach, who has extensive experience in all areas of business. Vanessa brings to training and coaching a unique blend of HR, leadership, entrepreneurship, significant coaching expertise, psychological and behavioural expertise, change and management expertise as well as exceptional business acumen. Vanessa’s passion is to assist individuals and organisations transform to the best they can be, to achieve their highest potential and become hugely successful in achieving their desired goals. Vanessa is particularly passionate about helping leaders and business to grow, change, transform and scale and to create amazing cultures, workplaces and high performance, highly engaged teams.

Coaching Approach

Vanessa applies many techniques from Neuroscience, Behavioural Sciences, Psychology, Human Resources, cutting-edge learning and coaching techniques and Quantum Physics to create unique and powerful programs that facilitate change and enable success. Vanessa is also qualified in a range of assessment tools, including DiSC, MBTI, Belbin, Leadership Circle Profiling, 360 Profiling, and EQ. Vanessa also specialises in Organisational Culture, Change Management, Communication & Influencing, Human Organisational Design & Development, Merger & Acquisitions, Performance and People Management, Employee Engagement, Customer Experience, Strategic and Operational Planning, Team Building, Management & Leadership Training. Vanesa has over 20 qualifications, including a Masters’ degree and is currently undertaking a specialised PhD (Doctorate) in leadership with Griffith University. Industries: Mining, Gas, Electricity, Oil, Construction and Real Estate, Wholesale and Retail, STEM, Data, Telecommunications, ICT, NFP, Accommodation and Tourism, Marketing, Media, and Advertising, Financial and Professional Services, Education and Training, Health care, Arts, Local Council, Government bodies, both State and Federal.

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