Mansee Sharma

Administration Assistant

A – Administrative Expertise
Mansee is an invaluable member of ASPL Group’s administrative team, contributing to the smooth execution of consulting and project activities. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science at the prestigious University of Melbourne, she has discovered her true passion for psychology.

S – Synergetic People Liaison
Mansee’s deep-rooted interest in psychology and her genuine care for people infuse her approach to human resources at ASPL Group with a unique perspective. Her prior experience in client service has honed her ability to forge strong, meaningful relationships, which she extends to the clients of ASPL Group. Mansee is known for her warm and welcoming demeanor, a quality that greatly aids in developing and nurturing relationships that align with ASPL Group’s commitment to exceptional client experiences.

P – Psychology Passion
Mansee’s passion for psychology and her unwavering commitment to excellence in her administrative role make her an invaluable asset to ASPL Group. Her dedication to developing meaningful relationships and her ability to deliver results align seamlessly with ASPL Group’s mission of providing transformative experiences to clients.

L – Loyal Relationship Builder
Mansee is dedicated to her role as an Administration Assistant at ASPL Group, where she consistently ensures that timelines are met, and tasks are delivered with precision and punctuality. Her strong belief in the importance of fostering meaningful relationships is a driving force in her journey at ASPL Group, and she consistently goes above and beyond to uphold the highest standards of client service.

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