Sonia Qureshi

Recruitment Consultant

A – Analytical Psychology Student
Sonia is an invaluable member of ASPL’s team, serving as both a Recruitment Consultant and an Administrative Support professional. With a background in psychology and ongoing studies in psychology with a specialization in sociology, Sonia combines her academic insights with practical experience in recruitment.

S – Service-Focused Professional
Sonia takes immense pride in delivering and upholding a professional service to all clients. Leveraging her background in psychology, she adopts a candidate care approach, building positive relationships with candidates on behalf of ASPL Group’s clients. Her extensive communication and interpersonal skills contribute to creating a positive and effective engagement experience. Additionally, Sonia plays a crucial role in providing administrative support for leadership and coaching initiatives within ASPL.

P – Passionate Sociologist
In her pursuit of knowledge, Sonia specializes in sociology within her psychology studies. Her passion for understanding societal dynamics adds depth to her recruitment approach, allowing her to connect with candidates on a deeper level and align their skills and values with client needs. She also applies her sociological insights to enhance leadership and coaching initiatives within ASPL Group.

L – Lifelong Learner and Leadership Support
Outside of work and her studies, Sonia enjoys traveling and cherishes moments spent with her family and friends. Her diverse interests contribute to a well-rounded perspective, enhancing her ability to connect with individuals from various backgrounds. Moreover, Sonia actively supports leadership and coaching programs at ASPL, bringing her analytical skills and sociological insights to empower professionals and organizations to reach their full potential.

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