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HR Leader — As rates and inflation climb, workers’ real wages must be maintained

HR Leader
Our CEO Kris Grant has shared her HR expertise with the HR Leader, on the Reserve Bank of Australia’s recent delivery of another interest rate rise in November, and the implications on employee wages.

Kris mentioned that from an employee perspective, in this economic environment, you will need to be assertive and ask for a bigger pay packet if you haven’t had one in a long time. If your employer denies your request for a wage rise, be firm and state your reasons why you are valuable to the organisation.

From an employer’s perspective, try to work through your employee value proposition to ensure staff do not leave. This can may include:

– Granting a pay rise for contributions and increased productivity.
– Offering workplace flexibility in terms of hours and location of work.
– Offering some opportunity to work from home, which employees have become used to through the pandemic.
– It’s incredibly important to offer learning and development opportunities, which employees value as part of their career progression and adding to job satisfaction.

Read Kris’s full article in the HR Leader.

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