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The New Daily — How to ask for a pay rise in uncertain economic times

The New Daily
Are you seeking a pay raise in Australia? Research shows 95% of employers plan to increase salaries. To maximize your chances, focus on performance, responsibilities, and expertise.

Kris Grant, CEO of ASPL Group shares with The News Daily, tips below:

  1. Focus on performance, responsibilities, expertise, and the organisation’s success.
  2. Aim for a 7-8% raise in 2023 due to low unemployment and persistent inflation.
  3. Prove your value with sales, profits, and comparable salaries.
  4. Request in person or via video call, stressing loyalty and confidence.
  5. If they say no, negotiate for other perks like flexible hours or professional training.
  6. Remember, it’s a fair request in a tight labour market.
  7. Ask again in six months if needed.

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