Robyn Cam

Executive Coach

Professional Summary

Robyn is an ICF, PCC Coach, specialising in leadership and career, health, and wellbeing coaching. My clients are global and range from leaders of multinational corporations, community leaders, influencers and entrepreneurs, politicians, athletes, and others. Having consulted individuals and organisations across continents and cultures, she is very passionate about recognising cultural and generational differences, moving people from ‘impossible to the possible’ and helping them achieve personal and professional success and wellness. 3 words which describe Robyn’s coaching style: Strategic, Perspective, Holistic.

Education and Certifications

  • Robyn holds a post-graduate qualification in Business and Adult Education.


Robyn’s corporate career experience is across Health, Education and Business, including leadership and not for profits board positions. Her proudest Professional Accomplishment include:

  • Building a career where she holds space, stretch, and elevate diverse, amazing, and passionate people
  • Support clients doing great things; Olympics, Social Advocacy and Change, Innovative Technology

Coaching Approach

As a coach she applies evidence based positive psychology and transformational coaching techniques, corporate experience, adult education, and holistic health strategies to optimise performance and proficiency in individuals, teams, and organisations. She gains results by broadening perspective, strategic thinking, self-awareness, capacity building and creating work-life balance. She combines her professional experience and learning to help clients understand their environment better, set attainable expectations, be more influential and persuasive, and to help them adopt successful processes, habits, and practices.

Recent Client Achievements:

  • Enhanced self-awareness and capacity for growth
  • Improved mental clarity and focus
  • More accountable and motivated to achieve goals
  • Assertive and clear communication
  • Improved influence and negotiation skills
  • Confident presentation and public speaking
  • Commitment to self-care and healthy habits
  • Adopt authentic and impactful leadership style
  • Cultivated growth mindset and lifelong learning strategies
  • Higher motivation and performance in teams
  • Increased collaboration, productivity, and recognition across teams
  • Strategic career transition, development, and promotion

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