Let’s Talk: Gifts for staff and clients – is it worth it?

In this week's Dynamic Business Let's Talk column, ASPL Group CEO discusses her thoughts on client and staff gifting. What do you think? Tell us in the comments!

Kris Grant: CEO of ASPL Group & champion of emerging leaders

ASPL Group CEO Kris Grant was recently featured in Behind the Brands' 'Meet the Entrepreneur' column. The Q&A delves into some of the challenges Kris has faced throughout her career, and how she overcame them.

How to answer toughest job interview question

It pays to look into your salary when you're applying for a new job. ASPL Group CEO Kris Grant sat down with Yahoo Finance to discuss where you should go for advice when it comes to understanding your salary bracket, and where you sit.

First time hiring a contractor? Three things to consider before you do

Are you considering hiring your first employee? Some stellar insight from our CEO Kris Grant, published in Inside Small Business, about things to keep in mind when the time is right to recruit!

Should businesses keep an eye on staff social media posts?

ASPL Group CEO Kris Grant chatted with Dynamic Business this week about whether or not you should monitor your staff's activity on social media. What are your thoughts about following employees? 

The 1 huge mistake Aussies make when starting a new job

Starting a new job? Make sure you read Kris Grant's interview with Yahoo Finance to make sure you don't make any mistakes when signing your contract.

Hiring doesn’t stop with HR, leaders need to embrace their role in employee engagement too

During the pandemic, HR departments around the world have been critical to supporting remote employees, but it shouldn't just be HR's responsibility. With remote work here to stay, leaders need to provide an integrated approach to support HR and their focus on talent and employee retention.

Know the ins and outs of your work contract

ASPL Group CEO Kris Grant spoke with News Corp this week to discuss the dangers of not reading your contract before you sign it.

Australian Financial Review - Why Pilates is core to this CEO’s wellbeing

ASPL Group chief executive Kris Grant has discovered that such techniques can help with much more than just physical fitness.

The Leadership Review - Creating equal opportunity for the working woman

Have you ever wondered how you can make your organisation a more attractive place for women to want to work?