HR Leader: Addressing the systemic inequality facing women takes urgency

The article discusses the pressing need for policy reforms to address the systemic inequality faced by women in Australia

Expert opinion: What is required for staff to enjoy their time at work?

Kris Grant, CEO of ASPL Group, shares her insights on fostering an enjoyable work experience.

The Power of Career Coaching: A Pathway to Unleashing Your Full Potential

Are you feeling lost in your career journey, unsure of your passions or which direction to take? Do you find yourself stuck in a role that no longer excites you, yearning for growth and fulfilment? If these questions resonate with you, then perhaps it's time to consider the unique and tangible benefits of career coaching.

Ministers, unions demand full funding in federal budget

Principals and state education ministers and unions have banded together to step up pressure on the Albanese government to lift public school funding ahead of Tuesday night's budget release.

Government’s domestic violence prevention program: Employers’ vital role in support and prevention

The government recently announced a $925.2 million investment over the next five years to establish the Leaving Violence Program in a bid to combat family and domestic violence (FDV) across Australia. Some argue that this initiative falls short, which is where workplaces can pick up the slack.

Federal Government Career - ASPL Group Urges Participation in Public Consultation for Federal Government's Draft National Autism Strategy

ASPL Group, a management consultancy, training and recruitment firm specialising in diversity, equity, and inclusion, is highlighting the need for widespread engagement in the public consultation for the Federal Government's Draft National Autism Strategy. With a commitment to fostering inclusive environments, ASPL Group emphasises the significance of this strategy in enhancing the lives of autistic Australians nationwide.

HR Leader - More thoughtful change is needed to eliminate the superannuation pay gap

There is a significant disparity in superannuation between men and women in Australia. To mitigate this, the government’s Working for Women initiative aims to pay superannuation on paid parental leave. It‘s a much-needed move, but is it enough of a kickstart?

More people working as cost-of-living pressures mount

The number of Aussies in full-time employment has seen a significant rise in recent months, highlighting just how much pressure the cost-of-living crisis is having on people.

Yahoo Finance- EmpowerHer: ASPL Group's International Women's Day Coaching Experience

This International Women's Day ASPL Group, a leading provider of strategic leadership training, recruitment and consulting, is excited to announce the launch of "EmpowerHer,"