HR Leader — 5 tips to stand out in job interviews

Congrats, you’ve been shortlisted for a job interview! The good news is that if you’ve landed an interview for a role, it's highly likely that your resume matches the experience and skills which the prospecting employer is seeking.

Money Magazine Australia — Why you need to ask for a pay rise right now

Take control of your financial future! With inflation on the rise and a favourable job market, now is the perfect time to ask for a wage rise.

HR Leader — Skills shortage ‘now evident across all sectors’

Australia’s skill shortages are now evident across all sectors. What strategies can employers implement to combat skills shortages in-house?

Company Director Magazine — Conference Call: What to know about attending international conferences

Since travel has reopened, there are distinct benefits and opportunities for attending international conferences, but the emphasis is on sustainability.

Retail World Magazine — Gender Pay Parity; A Basic Human Right

The pay disparity between male and female wages in Australia is much wider than in many other countries including NZ, UK, Germany, Italy and France.

The Age — More than 400,000 job vacancies put workers in box seat

Our chief executive Kris Grant, of ASPL Group, was interviewed by John Collet from The Age, providing insights on the current workforce climate given there were almost 440,000 job vacancies in the three months to the end of February this year. Kris suggests this puts staff in pole position to negotiate pay rises or find better remuneration elsewhere.

HR Leader — 5 Ways to remove Bias in the recruitment process

With HR Leader, our CEO Kris Grant explores the fascinating concept of unconscious bias; the hidden attitudes, beliefs and stereotypes that impact our decision making, without us even realising it. Removing bias in the recruitment process can help create a diverse and inclusive workforce, leading to new ideas and better problem solving.

Financial Newswire — Australia likely to dodge recession, job cuts

Despite staff cuts at Goldman Sachs and Blackrock, there is hope in the Australian market due to a tight labour market and steady unemployment rate. Industries like education, healthcare, and mining are creating jobs but facing skill shortages.

SmartCompany — Five steps your business can take to improve equality in the workplace

Despite efforts to improve gender equity in the workplace, women still earn less than their male colleagues and are underrepresented in management. With Smart Company, our CEO Kris Grant suggests 5 ways to promote female representation in workplaces.

SmartCompany — Australia’s top five most sought-after jobs

Australia’s top five most sought after jobs in Australia has been released in LinkedIn’s 2023 Jobs on the Rise list. Out of the 25 job titles, a technical program manager, clinical exercise physiologist, site reliability engineer, sales development representative and platform engineer have experienced the highest growth in Australia over the past five years.