10 progressive leave policies that could make your workplace stand out

Have you ever considered offering your staff Pawternity leave? Or flexible public holidays? ASPL CEO Kris Grant sat down with HRM Magazine last week to talk about progressive leave types companies are beginning to adopt, and how they can help to attract the best talent. 

How to answer toughest job interview question

It pays to look into your salary when you're applying for a new job. ASPL Group CEO Kris Grant sat down with Yahoo Finance to discuss where you should go for advice when it comes to understanding your salary bracket, and where you sit.

First time hiring a contractor? Three things to consider before you do

Are you considering hiring your first employee? Some stellar insight from our CEO Kris Grant, published in Inside Small Business, about things to keep in mind when the time is right to recruit!

The 1 huge mistake Aussies make when starting a new job

Starting a new job? Make sure you read Kris Grant's interview with Yahoo Finance to make sure you don't make any mistakes when signing your contract.

Here's what your boss is looking for in 2020

It seems like jobs are harder to get these days. With an increasingly competitive job market, a surplus of university graduates and a rapidly transforming technologically-driven world, it’s important to stay up-to-date with what employers are looking for.

Kris Grant's tips on how graduates can successfully join the workforce

A segment interview conducted by Hit Southwest WA with Kris’s input on students graduating and building a secure network for future employment opportunities.

How to train your brain to be more productive

How many productivity hacks have you tried this year? But something you may not have considered is taking advantage of neuroscience to boost your productivity.

10 questions to ask when you’re in a job interview

One of the most challenging parts of an already nerve-wracking interview is thinking of your own questions. It’s a crucial part of any interview and often, candidates are so prepared to nail the rest that they’ve completely forget or ask questions with minimal relevance.

How can the APS invest back into capability and talent management?

Outdated HR processes, ad-hoc workforce planning, skills gaps and a lack of focus on people assets have been recognised as barriers to creating what Prime Minister Scott Morrison has described a public service workforce with a “laser-like focus” on citizens, writes KRIS GRANT.